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A Leading Provider of Quality-Formulated Agriculture Fertilizers, Vermicompost Fertilizer, Micro Fertilizer, Amino Acid Fertilizer, Oil Cake Powders, Neem Herbal Pesticide, Phorate Pesticide, Nematocides Pesticides & Agriculture Pesticides.

About Us

In the Indian agricultural industry, our ISO certified enterprise, Prathu Organic Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is trusted immensely. We are considered as one of the most acclaimed names of the market because of our ability to formulate the most reliable & effective collection of Agriculture Fertilizers, Oil Cake Powders & Agriculture Pesticides.

The range is presented to clients at a price which is extremely reasonable at all times. This affordable range has become the favourite of many in the country within a short period of time. The high quality, exceptional purity and seamless composition of our formulations attract a huge clientele. The customer base that supports our enterprise is constantly growing. We are attracting new customers daily owing to our impeccable assortment of Bijuri Fertilizers, Vermicompost Fertilizer, Micro Fertilizer, Amino Acid Fertilizer, Etc. Manikarnika De-Oil Cake Mixtures, Bheemarishth De-Oil Cake Powders, Dansh Insecticide, etc. The collection is delivered to clients in a punctual manner, avoiding any sort of delays or delivery mistakes. The right product reaches the right location on time. No excuses are made, every promise that we make to clients is fulfilled with perfection regularly. This focus on quality performance has boosted our growth in the market and made us one of the most acclaimed manufacturers & wholesalers in the agricultural industry.

How values are revolutionising the role of sales

The role of sales has undergone many transitions, largely driven by changes in consumer demands and technology advances.

Increasingly, consumers want to be aligned with companies that have a sustainable purpose. It's this need which has sparked the evolution of value-based selling. POS is a truly inspiring place to work. It's a workplace where people actually live the values we hold.  Those values are what influences our sales process. They're not just words on a wall somewhere, they're a decision framework which we utilize every day
  • Our first important value is we Champion small agriculture farms. Here at POS, we champion small agribusiness owners with that comes a huge amount of responsibility. We can be a true business partner and help you sift through the noise. We can give you a clear direction on the right steps for your farm to take, the right product to choose with, and generally, guide you in the right direction.
  • Our second important value is Human. This reflects the passion, the energy and the purpose that we bring to work with us every day. We are real people. We truly want to make a difference in the Agri economy.
  • Our third value is Beautiful. This brings us back to building beautiful farmlands and delivering beautiful experiences.
  • Our fourth value is Challenge. We have products to help us work out what's best for the soil and crops. But the real understanding comes from interacting with partners, their stories and feedback.
  • Their experience reveals common patterns and trends which we can share with partners everywhere. Traditional thinking is not going to keep a firm profitable and competitive in this new world. It's our job to challenge the traditional norms and challenge our partners to try new things. We also challenge our own colleagues and superiors about the way we do things.
  • Our final value is Ownership. We love this value because it keeps everyone accountable. We love the industry, the people, the visionaries and the part POS plays in it. Inside POS, we take ownership of our individual roles. We also take ownership as a company to help change the industry. But it's up to everyone, including our partners, to take ownership of their situation as well.